For the very first time in the economic history of Mauritius, The IMTCFF took the initiative to organise a prime business and corporate conference involving key business and economic players of India and Mauritius.

Cabinet has taken note that the India-Mauritius Global Partnership Conference by the India Mauritius Trade and Cultural Friendship Forum would be held in Mauritius in July 2016. The Forum was launched in April 2015 following the visit of the Indian Prime Minister in Mauritius to further boost cooperation in the field of trade, and arts and culture between India and Mauritius.

The main objectives of the Conference will be to bring together eminent intellectuals, successful businessmen, potential investors and prominent artists of the Indian Diaspora to showcase and promote partnership opportunities in various fields of socio-economic activity. Some 300 foreign participants are expected to attend the Conference.

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Our vision is to create this summit as an institution that will strengthen the India-Mauritius Global Partnership by creating a new socio-economic & cultural framework based on the mutual cooperation and understanding.

We work under the guiding principle of R-M-E, which promotes and fosters strong and pragmatic partnerships. The R-M-E model advocates formation of a strong Relationship first, followed by deliberations to devise Mechanism so as to bring about effective Execution leading to social Empowerment, holistic and robust economy. Our aim is to develop a global model of this framework for India, Mauritius and the rest of the world.

Sunday 24th July /Evening - Opening Ceremony/Banquet/Cultural show at SVICC,Domain les Pailles

Monday 25th/Tuesday 26th July - Main forum,intensive 2 day's B2B/plenary session at the Intercontinental Hotel, Balaclava

Wednesday 27th July - B2B Meetings/JV Meeting/site visits/etc.
Plenary session on both days/Morning - High profile speakers from India & Mauritius

Objective of the B2B session: To establish a creative networking bridge between indian and Mauritius(and Regional) business communities leading to concrete collaboration intents and future realisation of JV/business agreements in their respective sectors/ emerging opportunities.

'India-Mauritius Global Partnership' is a mutually beneficial partnership, where both India and Mauritius will work along with their global partners by putting their mutual strengths together, to serve rest of the world as a platform and let mutual national interests of both the nations, be a by- product. This theory was promoted in 2015, by the Indian Prime Minister Hon. Narender Bhai Modi during his visit to the island and the Mauritius Prime Minister Hon. Sir Anerood Jugnauth, on the historical visit to India.


'India-Mauritius Global Partnership Summit' is envisioned as a summit led by two great nations along with their global Partners- where policymakers, opinion leaders, business leaders, media and academicians Dream, Design, Discuss, Decide, Drive and Derive solutions to the challenges of a new socio-economic framework by creating a ' Micro Road Map for the Macro Vision' that exists in the form of India-Mauritius Global Partnership.


Dear Friends,
India and Mauritius are two countries with deep historical, blood and cultural ties. In a rapidly changing regional and international context, marked by fast globalization resurgence, Mauritius and India become natural partners. Fostering with a new era of global spirit, both countries are willing to synergize their energies towards a new socio-economic development.

The relationship between India and Mauritius goes beyond trade, economics or commerce. Our relations date back to 1730 during the French rule in Pondicherry, systematic diplomatic relations were established in 1948, before Mauritius became independent. The cultural affinities and long historical ties between our two nations have contributed to strong and cordial relations. More than half of the Mauritian population are of Indian origin, most commonly known as Indo-Mauritians.

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