Focus on Agro – Economy

The Development of ‘Agro-Economy’ would lead to an extensive in the fields Agriculture and Allied Sector of Food processing and preservation, Pisciculture, Export Import Technology Up-Gration and Agriculture Machinery. For development of Agro Economy sector IMTCFF has proposed zero budget forming based on the concept introduced by Sh. Subhash Palekar & Poly House forming based on indo-Israel technique .

Focus on Healthcare

The growing demand of proper Healthcare particularly in rural areas is an matter of concern for both the countries. It is a clear that better policy regulations and the establishment of public private partnership are possible solution to healthcare challenge. Based upon the PPP model of cooperation, IMTCFF has envisioned a new model of sustainable healthcare, which will strike right the balance between Prevention and cure. IMTCFF Objective is to invite leaders of health Sectors to join hand and create a high quality, effective and efficient healthcare system in both the countries.

Focus on Tourism

India and Mauritius have tremendous scope to develop tourism infrastructure with mutual help. Recalling the age old historic and cultural ties between both the nation, it would be appropriate if we strengthen our ties by promoting bilateral tourism. IMTCFF will provide opportunities where India and Mauritius could consider exchanging experience in destination management and may consider participation tourism events of each other. There is a big scope to organize faculty exchange program between Human Resource development Institute in India and Mauritius. In IMGPS HRD expert tour operation and travel agents of both the countries can interact with each other to promote two way tourism between India and Mauritius. Possibilities of promoting more package tour in either of the countries could also be explored by the travel trade of two companies.

Focus on ICT

IMCTFF would seek a transformational approach for implementing information and communication technology (ICT). Development of any sort cannot be expected today’s world without development of information and communication technology. IMTCFF aims at utilizing the modern technology to aid its development policies, since a strong ICT is the backbone of all socio economic development.

Focus on Energy

Through its Focus on Energy sector ,IMTCFF plans to address the growing energy needs and strengthen socio-economic framework based on EES(Energy –efficient environmentally responsible and more sustainable). Looking for alternative source of energy is one of the major objective.

Focus on Education

One of the main aims for putting a focus on education sector is to enhance academic cooperation between India and Mauritius and also the international circle to contribute to the socio-economic development of both counties. This can be done through India-Mauritius and international learning circle, Research collaboration etc.

Focus on Arts, Culture and Media

Enabling Arts, Culture and Media as the center stage for building constructive and comprehensive fabric and character between India-Mauritius thus formulating a new era of how countries can build Global relation that help inspire each other towards positive growth.

Focus on Infrastructure and Logistics

Using the IMGPS and IMTCFF framework design recommend and implement solution using PPP model along government, States, Various Agencies, Organization and technologies. This methodology to track initiatives is 6D: Dream, Design, Discuss, Decide, Drive and Derive.

Focus on Industrial Co-operation

IMTCFF would look for co-operation from industries to create a socio-economic development framework for inclusive and holistic growth helping communities and societies to sustain themselves. Industries can contribute in creation of smart city project which would , in turn facilities a lot of people by providing them employment, new opportunities and scope and a new development structure.

Focus On Ocean Trade

Fisheries are one of the fastest growing food sector involved the ocean trade in the world. A recent FAQ study on the effect of fish trade on food security in developing countries concluded that fish exports generally had a positive effect in terms of food security and in generating income, Employment and foreign exchange can create great contribution to Mauritius GDP. Besides food security oil exploration and R & having great scope of investment in Mauritius, in purposes Summit IMTCFF having strong emphasis to promote this section.