IMGPS invites Participant to support, Contribute and participate with some of the most eminent speakers, Policymaker, visionaries and Global leaders in designing a new socio Economic framework by engaging in multitude of partnerships, Exploring new opportunities and innovating new mechanisms towards the nation Building process .

Who should participate?

2. Industries
3. Banking & Financial Institution.
4. Apex Business Association
5. Policymaker
6. Government Officials
7. Ministry Representative
8. Business Leaders
9. Academicians
10. School, Universities/ Higher Education
11. Infrastructure and IT Companies supplying products and service to the Education sector.
12. Students and youth leaders from Business, Culture, Politics, Academic, journalist, civil servants, Lawyers, Professional and other areas.
13. Representative for eminent youth council, Associations& Bodies:: India, Mauritius, Africa. 14. NGO’s , NPO’s trust and Socities.

Why Exhibit?

Showcase the Strength and Capability to provide last mile solution to the opportunities arises out out of various initiatives towards the new Socio- Economic framework at the IMGPS Expo, where you meet and interact with counterparts of India Mauritius and Global Partners.

1. Interact with Government policy and Decision Maker.
2. Reaching out to thousands of visitors and participants.
3. Genrating Trade Enquiries.Profiling your Technologies, innovation and projects.
4. Global Brand exposure.Benefitting from Global Media Coverage.
5. Sourcing and showcasing of products and service.
6. Networking with company from India, Mauritius and Global partners.
7. Meeting investor looking for partners and vendors. Merge & AcquisitionJoint Venture Opportunities.