IMGPS offers its esteemed sponsors opportunities to broaden their horizons and support in creation of global values and fuel emergence of a new socio-economic framework led by India and Mauritius along with Global Partners thereby strengthening national and organizational balance sheets.

The India Mauritius Global Partnership Summit is an opportunity:
To understand the emerging socio-economic framework which is various initiatives based on it including:-

1. Healthcare
2. Energy Security
3. Education and Skill Development
4. To learn how to participate and benefit from the new development models as the last mile solution provider.
5. To engage and interact with myriad of counterparts present at the summit from India, Mauritius and Global partners.
6. To participate in creation of an economic model synergizing experience, technology and financial resources from Japan, Mauritius and Global Partners mapped to much-needed solutions to socio-economic challenges.
7.To gain knowledge on new financial instruments and models.


  • Invitation to recommend speakers to address Opening and Closing ceremonies, Plenary sessions, Breakout sessions.
  • Access to all state sessions & roundtable sessions.
  • Delegation comprising of top business leaders of your state at the summit.
  • Access to exclusive roundtable meetings.
  • Unlimited requests for B2B interactions.
  • VIP invitation to banquets and interactive sessions.
  • Logo presence on all communication and promotional materials including websites.
  • Allocation of up to 6 units special pavilion space at the Exp Special passes to access VIP areas.
  • Access to all event area.
  • Total passes allotted 20 (Including 5 VIP)
  • Access to VIP Business lounge, Business lounge A & B.
  • Access to post-summit reports, presentations and documentaries